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A good artist and photographer has to love every nanosecond of what they do. I can easily say that I am living my dream and that my passion is communicable and sincere.

Jack St Jack is an award-winning product photographer who lives and works in San Francisco. He was born in Appalachia in poverty and has lived in the Bay Area for half of his life. Simply put, photography allows Jack to show the world as he experiences it.

Photographic Services:

Saint Jack Photography covers a highly-specialized variety of photographic genres limited to: Product Photography; Commercial Photography; Artwork Documentation Photography; Monochrome Portraiture; Pet Portraiture; Music Band Photography. Jack's artistic work primarily focuses on a chiaroscuro technique, which is the artistic use of strong contrasts between light and shadow. His commercial and/or technical work focuses on the authentic rendering of accurate color for proper presentation.

Jack is enthusiastic about his work both artistic and technical and enjoys collaborating with clients in order to deliver what they desire. He limits shooting to one client/product series a day, in order to provide 100% focus on the shoot, yet has one of the quickest turn-around periods in the business.

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Jack's Best Of The Bay 2015 Award:

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015

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The cost of running a website and business in San Francisco is astronomical. Separate from the business side of life, Jack spends most of his free time documenting the streets of the city he loves so much. However, expenses do not allow Jack much free time for documentation, which is a shame since Jack's street photography ranks among the world's best. Street photography is an often unflinching documentation of our society that must be preserved and even nurtured, and your donation to Jack can go a long ways towards helping to fulfill his sincere commitment and dedication to showing the world that we all live in from an interesting perspective.

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